Heidi Hutchins, LMFT

Providing therapy to individuals, couples, and families. 


  • Intake Session: $135
  • 80 Min. session: $135
  • 50 Min. Session: $90
  • 25 Min. Session: $55

Typically, recommended therapy will include:
Intake session (80 minutes)
50 min. sessions, weekly or biweekly, tapering at the end of treatment

Other Fees:

  • No Show/cancellation within 3 hours of the appointment: full fee
  • Late Cancellation (cancellation within 48 hours of the appointment): $25
  • Late Payment Fee: $10
  • A check that does not clear: $20
  • Phone Calls over 10 minutes in length: hourly rate
  • Collateral appointments (meetings with outside professionals): $15/ 5-20 min.; $25/ 21-30 min.; $45/ 31-50 min.
    • Note: I may be able to offer one free collateral appointment; this will be discussed further in person.
  • Court appearances: $100 hourly rate for preparation time and time spent for the appearance (including travel); minimum of $400 
    • Note: this is not recommended typically as it often interferes with the therapy process.
  • Copying fee: $0.25/ page
  • Outside paperwork, upon your request: $10/page (one sided)
  • Letters: $15 for the first page, and $10 for each subsequent page
  • Additional Travel Fees: to be determined with client 
    • Note: I reserve the right to waive fees and change or add to this list as needed; however, this will be discussed in advance of any changes being made.
*I may be able to offer limited sliding scale session fees for clients who need this.  Please contact me for further information.